A Delicious ……

A Delicious …. Slice of LGBT Social History
“Have you ever wondered what it was really like to fandango your way through the delicious days of San Francisco before AIDS burst the bubble and gate-crashed the party? For a succulent slice of warts and wonders social history, look no further than “Let No Stranger Wait Outside Your Door,” Lou Kief’s erudite, funny, touching, and beautifully crafted memoir. Lou lived the dream and, unlike many of his contemporaries, lived to tell the tale. And he tells it well. Those extra-ordinary times of leather and lashes, bears and ballerinas, sex, drugs and steamy saunas leap from the page. But there is more to this book than a diet of Devil-may-care decadence. This is an intensely personal journal, of trans-continental proportions, from Lou’s early days of furtive fumblings as a young paramedic in Detroit to the fast lane of the Misty City, baring it all among the redwoods and choppy adventures on the high seas. Informative and expansive, the narrative is laced with glorious anecdotes, inclusive political comment, a respect for history and a real love of humanity.”

Author Jack Scott from Great Britain surprised me with a very generous review for my latest book “Let No Stranger Wait Outside Your Door”.   I’m thrilled with the comments coming back from readers and writers.


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