When is money more important than family and freedom?

The news that David Bromstad, a talented designer on a popular HGTV program has decided to host a segment working with the Salvation Army to assist them in updating their retail stores is all over the press.   It’s newsworthy because David is an openly gay man – and the Salvation Army has been incredibly vocal about their disgust for all gay people.  I was surprised when a comment I left on David’s Facebook page was responded to by a personal email from Jeffrey Glasko, Chief Operating Officer for David Bromstad, LLC.  In a rambling paragraph he repeatedly insisted that David’s support of the Salvation Army is being undertaken as a way to show the Salvation Army that they are wrong and not really doing anything bad to the LGBT community. Then he castigates me and the hundreds of others who sent him messages of disappointment for insisting on the fact that David is making a huge mistake.    Being an older openly gay man who has lived a lifetime witnessing the prejudice, hatred and even death that LGBT people have lived with for generations, much of which has been directed at us by “religious” organizations like the Salvation Army, I feel it is my duty to guard the advances toward equality we have all worked and many died for to this point.  The road ahead is far from finished and we need each other’s support more than ever if we truly expect to be treated equally in all aspects of the Bill of Rights and Constitution.   I’m afraid the younger Mr. Bromstad feels his entitlement to equality and being an openly gay man is just something that was always there.   For him and many other younger LGBT people not to be sensitive to the continuing struggle just because they have made it on their own is discouraging.   David Bromstad’s decision to put money ahead of assistance to a cause that not only protects his freedom, but that of tens-of-thousands of his LGBT brothers and sisters is astounding in its shortsightedness.   He certainly has the right to his decision, but the LGBT community and the millions of friends who relish human rights also have the right not to support his career or the programming of HGTV.  It’s not too late to change your mind, David.     …  And this coming holiday season we certainly won’t be dropping money in the kettles of the Salvation Army so they can finance their campaign of hate and bigotry against us even if David Bromstad does.


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