Why have I been gone for a long, long while?


Have you met the newer, slimmer me?  I’m down 47 pounds from the last time I posted here.  2016 wasn’t an easy year. The photo shows my graduation day from Desert Regional Cardiac Rehabilitation.  On February 7th they cut me down the middle and made four new arteries for my heart…of course this wasn’t on my list of “things to do” last year.   So I apologize for the lack of posts.  During the months that followed I thought the only good thing would be that I could finally catch up on my reading (stack of books above my desk) and finish up “It’s Not Far to Never Neverland” and “Will Thy Song Remain”…but alas, that wasn’t in the cards either.  It seems there can be a nasty little side effect when they stop your heart for a few hours and put you on their jazzy new heart/lung machines to keep you alive.  For me, it was the inability to sleep without horrific nightmares (which lasted a couple weeks) and a two minute long attention span (which lasted months)…so much for the reading the writing part.

Hey, I’m not complaining, I’m still here,

“Let No Stranger Wait Outside Your Door is now selling in SIX countries AND I have a new Author’s website Click Me complete with its own blog on the Pipeline page.

Those of you who are curious to know more about the next book can find the forward here: Forward to Neverland  and the Preface here: Preface to Neverland

A very happy new 2017 to each of my followers, and high hopes we all live to see the end of the year if the person who will be running this country after January 20th doesn’t kill us all.


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