What makes an author’s work sell?

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2 thoughts on “What makes an author’s work sell?

  1. My guess would be that it’s for the same reasons that processed foods sell – it’s systemic. We may all want to buy muddy vegetables grown in the rain by a local farmer, but the system has most of us too tied up running around from work to home to shops to nonsense to work and back again, so we take the way that’s ten times easier, or even just the only way that’s possible. We buy what we are regulated to buy and we buy it from where we are regulated to buy it. There are only enough hippie drop-outs to keep a handful of independent book shops open in the whole globe, and at that only just. It will never change until the whole of society runs on a new mechanism and we all have the time as well as the will to visit local producers and small businesses – for everything from carrots to books. I never thought I’d say this, but more and more and most especially over the lies, deceit and sheer lunacyt of the world in the past few years, a global revolution is needed. I mean a real revolution, with people in the streets, creating a new slate. Ho hum. 😉 Damn, I think I just issued a call to take up arms, a confusing thing for a veggie peacenik!

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